Thursday, July 22, 2010

Complexly simple - a means to an end

121 - the number of hours we spent last season on offensive football.
166 - the number of points we scored last season via our offense.

Those numbers seem not to match up in terms of value.

During those 121 hours we threw and caught countless balls, blocked countless run plays vs counless fronts, and perfected countless routes. But how many of those hours did we concentrate on what offensive football REALLY is? Probably none.

Offensive football is not finishing a game with a 300 yard passer or a 100 yard rusher. Offensive football is not seeing how much you can out smart the defense. Offensive football is not about running the next big scheme.

Offensive football is about moving the football a linear distance of 10 yards within 4 plays over and over again until you cross your opponent's goalline thus scoring points. That is what offensive football is about. Some what simple huh? Then why do we continue to make it so complex?

As coaches, lets start working on the game 10 yards at a time.

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